Nigel Clarke

I have lived in the village since August 1979, my wife Audrey is a native of the village being born in Vale Farm cottages. At the time the farm was owned by her great grandparents.

I met Audrey in 1969 and whilst courting I played football for the village and also played skittles for the late Joe Erscott.

When the Village School closed I was involved with the planning and subsequent building of the new village hall, at about this time I became more involved with music playing and singing in several bands but mainly with Dave Parker and Andy Ellis and later with Richard Craddock, at this time amateur dramatics became a love of mine.

My other passion is Fishing which is something that I have enjoyed since I was about 8.

I have worked in engineering/construction virtually all my working life having trained as a Fabricator Welder.

I am 68 and have been retired for 4 years.

I would like to ensure that the parish continues to thrive and if at all possible, become more integrated. I would also like to ensure that planning authorities take a more proactive approach to “not just the views of the PC, but also breaches and the flaunting of planning regulations reported by parishioners to ensure we maintain a level playing field.