September 2020

1.  Employer and employee

1.1 The Employer is Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council and is referred to as the Council.

1.2The Employee is Teresa Leila Safadi and is referred to as the Clerk.

2. Duration of contract

2.1 The employment commencement date is 1st October 2020. The Clerk’s period of employment for the purposes of this contract is permanent, subject to a completion of a satisfactory six month probationary period.

3Continuous service.

3.1 Employment with any other employer shall not count as part of the Clerk’s continuous employment with the Council.

4.Job title

4.1 The title of the job for which the Clerk is employed is Clerk to the Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council.

4.2 The duties of the Clerk are described in the job description Appendix A attached to this contract.

4.3 The job description may reasonably be altered by the Council and, in addition to the duties set out in it, the Clerk may from time to time be required to perform such further or other duties as the Council may reasonably determine, commensurate with the grade.

4.4 The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and is the Responsible Financial Officer.

5. Salary and expenses.

5.1 The Clerk’s salary is calculated in accordance with the salary scales agreed between the Society of Local Council Clerks and the National Association of Local Councils (referred to as the LC scale) at LC Scale 7 within the range of Spinal Column Points for LC7, SCP 20-26. The hourly rate will be enhanced by holiday pay calculated on the basis of clause 8 below.

5.2 Subject to satisfactory performance, assessed by annual appraisal, the Clerk’s salary will progress automatically through the range SCP 20-26 until it reaches the maximum of the scale.

5.3 The Clerk will receive one additional salary increment on attaining one or more of the qualifications specified in the LC scale.

5.4 The Clerk will be paid at monthly intervals, on production of the monthly timesheet per Clause 6.2 and Appendix B.

5.5 The Clerk will be entitled to reclaim expenses necessarily incurred in performing her duties and such other expenses as are payable in accordance with the general conditions of service referred to in paragraph 16 of this contract.

5.6 Expenses will be paid or reimbursed only on presentation of appropriate receipts attached to the monthly timesheet specified at 6.2 below.

 5.7 For Clerks working from home, reasonable expenses will be reimbursed in     accordance with agreed office protocols (Appendix C).

6 Hours of work.

6.1 The Clerk’s estimated hours of work are six to eight hours per week on average but this will vary from week to week as deemed necessary for the completion of the Council’s requirements, and shall include but not be limited to attendance at Council meetings, other meetings related to Council business, training sessions, and travel in the course of Council business.

6.2 The Clerk will be paid on the basis of a monthly timesheet (Appendix B) listing actual hours worked.

6.3 The Clerk will be required to attend Council and other meetings in the evening and at weekends as necessary.

7. Place of work.

7.1 The Clerk’s usual place of work is home, but she may be required to work at other places on specified occasions.

7.2 The Clerk should notify their insurers that home is the main place of work and should provide the council with evidence that the correct insurance cover has been obtained.

8. Holidays and holiday pay

8.1The Clerk is entitled to 23 days paid holiday per year on a pro rata basis according to the number of hours worked each week together with normal Bank or Public Holidays, ie 6.2 weeks per year pro rata including public holidays. The year runs from 1st April until the following 31st March.

8.2 For the purposes of this contract holiday pay is subsumed into the basic hourly rate as shown at Appendix D.

9. Absence through sickness or injury.

9.1 When the Clerk is unable to carry out work through sickness or injury, the Council must be informed as soon as possible and the reason for the absence given.

9.2 The Clerk is not entitled to sick pay.

10. Pension

10.1 The Council is a member of the NEST pension scheme. The Clerk can opt in or out of participation in this scheme subject to meeting the scheme’s requirements.

11. Supervision of staff.

11.1 Where the Clerk supervises other Council employees she will be paid the appropriate supplement in accordance with the LC scale.

12. Training and development.

12.1 The Council shall be responsible for the costs associated with any training and                                                                                                                                       development for the Clerk that it considers necessary. This may include the cost of training and development courses or examinations, and the payment of mileage expenses and other relevant expenses. Mileage will be paid in accordance with the current HMRC advisory rate. Where the Council considers it necessary it shall give the Clerk reasonable paid time off for study.  For the purposes of this contract this does not include time for training for the CilCA qualification.

13. Grievance procedure.

13.1 If the Clerk has any grievance arising from or relating to this employment, she shall in the first instance give written details to the Chairman. If the grievance cannot be resolved by agreement between the Clerk and the Chairman, the Chairman shall report the matter to the Council. The Council shall give the Clerk the opportunity to address the Council, either personally or through a representative, before deciding what action to take.

13.2 In dealing with the grievance matter, the Council will have regard to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures.

14. Disciplinary procedure.

14.1 Where the Council proposes to take disciplinary action against the Clerk, she shall be given full details in writing of the misconduct or other disciplinary matter alleged against her. The Clerk shall be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations, either in person or through a representative, both in writing and orally before the Council decides what action to take.

14.2 In dealing with a disciplinary matter, the Council will have regard to the ACAS Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures.

14.3 Where the Council considers that the Clerk is guilty of gross misconduct, it may dismiss the Clerk without notice and without recourse to the foregoing procedures.

15. Termination of employment.

15.1 The Clerk shall give the Council at least one month’s notice in writing to terminate this contract.

15.2 The Council shall give the Clerk at least one month’s notice in writing to terminate this contract.

16. General conditions of service.

16.1 Subject to the foregoing provisions hereof, the Conditions of Service of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services apply to this contract.

17. Acknowledgement

17.1 The Clerk hereby acknowledges that this contract contains the particulars of employment required by section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 to be provided to every employee at the commencement of employment.

Signed on behalf of the Council:


Signed by the Clerk:



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