Draft Minutes for the Parish Council Annual meeting

7.00pm on Tuesday 21st May 2024 

Meeting to be held at Halstock Village Hall.

Councillors present: Deborah Childs (DCh), Richard James (RJ). Henry Lovegrove (HL), Nigel Clarke (NC), Roger Hallett (RH), David Hallett (DH), Grant Prior (GP), Helen Sherwood (HS), Garry Arnold (GG) and Mark Caddick (MC)

0 members of the public were present.

The meeting started at 7.00pm and was chaired by the chairman Cllr. James.

Introduction of new councillors

Cllr. Caddick, Cllr. Sherwood and Cllr. Arnold

  1. To receive apologies

Cllr. John White Hamilton and Cllr. Fry 

  1. To agree the election of Chairman

One nomination Cllr. Richard James

Proposed Cllr. Lovegrove and seconded Cllr. Prior

Approved 9/10 

  1. To agree the election of Vice Chairman:

One nomination Cllr. Henry Lovegrove

Proposed Cllr. James and seconded Cllr. Childs

Approved 9/10 

Public period for comments on issues on the agenda


  1. To agree the election of the 3rd and 4th member of the Staff Working Group

Cllr Nigel Clarke proposed Cllr. Lovegrove and seconded Cllr. Childs approved 9/10.

Cllr R. Hallett proposed Cllr. Childs and seconded Cllr. Sherwood approved 9/10.  

  1. To note the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 30th May 2023

Noted and approved 10/10 

  1. To note members’ attendances 2023/2024


  1. Chairman’s Report 2023/2024


This has been an interesting year for the Parish Council with a number of projects taken forward or completed in support of the community. These have included:

  • Upgrading of playground equipment in Corscombe.
  • Repair of finger posts – ongoing work.
  • Additional Defibrillator sites, in partnership with the Friends of Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders – there are now two in Corscombe, two in Halstock and one in West Chelborough.
  • Support to Public Rights of Way – fifteen new gates to replace styles.

The Parish Council has supported the Great Big Dorset Hedge Project, Community Tree Project and speed watch initiatives. We are always looking at ways to support the community and actively consider and comment on proposed highways, planning applications and report potential planning breaches. The Council is also trying to identify an appropriate site for a playground in Halstock.

We have ensured that the Parish Council undertakes its statutory powers and duties.

Richard James 

  1. To note reports from representatives (Verbal) Full reports can be found in the Corscombe and Halstock Parish meeting minutes 14and 15. Mat 2024. 

Corscombe –

  • History group has now folded.
  • Knit and Stich going strong with fortnightly meetings.
  • Coffee morning doing well- great way to meet people.
  • Bell ringers meet most weeks and are looking for more volunteers so they can support bell ring at Halstock Church
  • Friends of First Responders – the 2 older defibrillators will need replacing 2027 and the three newer defibrillators will need replacing 2033.
  • There are no plans fir future fundraising at the moment though this may change. Donations are still being made to the group e.g. Corscombe and Halstock Fete.
  • Current funds £6221.05 which will be used to support training event and funding of defibrillators.


Halstock –

  • Village shops are looking to take approximately 30% of the current space in the community room and utilise this for further expansion of the shop. No change to the use of the community room is foreseen.  Weekly coffee mornings are well attended, and usage is slowly returning to pre covid levels.
  • Speed Watch are continuing their surveys and offenders will receive a written warning from the police and repeat offenders will receive a visit from the police. They would like to look at putting in place a 40mph buffer zone leading into Halstock from Corscombe and into Addams Green.  They would also like to explore using SIDS to monitor road traffic speed on a trial basis.  More volunteers are always welcome.
  • The Royal British Legion Halstock branch has closed has due to insufficient numbers.
  • Halstock community Theatre are changing their name to Halstock Community Arts. There have been lots of varied events through out the year which have all been well attended. The group plan to offer a further two bursaries of £400 in 2024.
  • Community Hall is looking for a new chairman. Film nights are well attended.
  • PROW Agreed that the group should continue to work with the Parish council as a working group. They have now put in 15 gates for styles with grateful thanks to the Halstock Village Trust and Parish council for funding.
  • Halstock Village Trust continues to support local initiatives and will focus on the expansion of the village shop.
  1. To appoint representatives for 2024/2025

Note some roles are still to be filled.


Representative councillor(s) Role
Rural Transport
Roger Hallett Playground
Helen Sherwood Speed watch
Grant Prior Police Liaison and

Home watch

David Hallett

Richard James

John White Hamilton

Planning working group

New for 2022/2023

Richard James (Halstock) and Henry Lovegrove (Corscombe) Village Hall
Deborah Childs Rights of Way Group


Non- councillors – see parish meeting minutes for reports.

Diana Staines Rights of Way Liaison officer

Tony Hill Speed watch

Debbie Rix Facebook 

  1. To approve the adoption of the General Power of Competence

Proposed Cllr. James and seconded Cllr. R. Hallett.  Approved 10/10 

  1. Review and approval of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations updated document.

Approved 10/10

  1. Review and approval of the Council’s Complaints Procedure.

Approved 10/10 

  1. Review and approval of polices in respect of obligations under the freedom of information and data protection legislation (see Data Protection and Privacy Policy and updated publication policy).

Approved 10/10 

  1. Ratify Asset Register and Risk Assessment updated 31st March 2024

Ratified 10/10

Action – Clerk to look at getting the old Parish Council laptop wiped and donate to charity.   Note – The old Parish Council printer was disposed of as it no longer works. 

  1. Confirmation of insurance arrangements.

It was agreed that the Parish council will look at the issue of insurers once the current contract ends in 2025.  Insurance cover and quote of £705 Approved 10/10 

  1. Review of subscriptions to other bodies – DAPTC.

Approved 10/10 

  1. Review and approval of delegation arrangements and terms of reference of.
  • Staff Working Group
  • Public Rights of Way Group

Approved 10/10 

  1. Review and approval of the Council’s employment policies and procedures.

Approved 10/10 

  1. Review and approve all other council documents not covered above.

Approved 10/10 

  1. Review of s137 expenditure incurred during 2023/2024 ( Verbal)

Approved 10/10

Sticklands coronation 341
Corscombe coronation 50
Halstock coronation 100
Dorset Hedges 250


Non grants devolved services £ 231

  1. To note the Parish Council meeting dates and venues 2024/25

It was agreed that the dates for the Corscombe Parish council meetings would be moved to Mondays.  Approved 10/10

New approved dates are.


Date Venue Time
July 29.7.24 Halstock 7.30 pm
September 30.9.24 Corscombe 7.30 pm
November 25.11.24 Halstock 7.30 pm
January 27.1.25 Corscombe 7.30 pm
March 31.3.25 Halstock 7.30 pm


Parish Annual Council meeting and Parish Council meeting (Corscombe) – 19.5.25

The meeting end at 7.45pm 

Note: Appendixes and any documents not shown as an appendix can be found on the Parish Councils website or can be requested from the Clerk. 

Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 579783