Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council 

Draft Minutes for the Parish Council meeting to follow the Parish Council Annual meeting which commences 7.00pm on
21st May 2024

 Meeting was held at Corscombe Village Hall. 

Councillors present: Deborah Childs (DCh), Richard James (RJ). Henry Lovegrove (HL), Nigel Clarke (NC), Roger Hallett (RH), David Hallett (DH), Grant Prior (GP), Helen Sherwood (HS), Garry Arnold (GG) and Mark Caddick (MC)

0 members of the public were present.

The meeting started at 7.45pm and was chaired by the chairman Cllr. James.  


  1. To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.

Cllr. John White Hamilton and Cllr. Richard Fry

Declaration of Interest declared by Cllr. Lovegrove in respect of item 11 Primrose Corner licence 

  1. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th March 2024 (A)

Approved 7/10 

  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in this Agenda.


Public period for comments on issues on the agenda


Reports from Dorset Council Councillor and Police Liaison


  1. To agree the council’s response to the report of the internal auditor (B)

The Parish Council endorse and excepts the Clerks responses.

Proposed Cllr. Lovegrove, seconded Cllr. R Hallett approved 10/10

  1. To approve the 2023/2024 governance statement Section 1 AGAR form 3 (C)

The Parish Council approves the Governance statement.  Proposed Cllr. Lovegrove, seconded Cllr. James approved 10/10.  

  1. To approve the 2023/2024 Accounting statement Section 2 AGAR form 3 (D)

The Parish Council approves the Accounting statement.  Proposed Cllr. Lovegrove, seconded Cllr. R Hallett approved 10/10 

  1. To approve BDO as external auditors.

Approved 10/10 

  1. BDO Conflict of Interest statement

No conflict of Interest declared. 

  1. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (E) and to approve the scheduled payments since the last meeting. (F)

Statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation noted and approved 10/10.

Proposal to accept the Scheduled payments to date Total Gross £1,851.72, Net £1810.49. Proposed Cllr. James and seconded Cllr. R Hallett.  Approved 10/10

Note Debbie Rix and Elisabeth Southern will be removed from the bank authorisation as they are no longer councillors. Two new councillors will be appointed. 

  1. To approve the Clerks annual subscription to SLCC

Approved 10/10 

  1. To ratify and note licences for Primrose Corner and Roman Villa for 2024/2025 (G)

Ratified and noted, approved 10/10. 

  1. To note/receive a maintenance update for the playground and outdoor gym (Verbal) TS/RH

See point 12.1 

12.1 To note ROSPA playground Maintenance report and remedial work required.

Remedial work highlighted in the Rospa report will be undertaken and the hight of the swing basket will be checked and altered if required. 

12.2 update on Halstock playground options

No progress to date – ongoing. Residents’ views will be sought. 

  1. To note key issues raised at the Corscombe and Halstock Parish meetings.

Halstock speed watch would like to see 40-mph buffer zones on the road leading into Halstock from Corscombe and into Addams Green.  This would mirror the 40-mph buffer zone leading into Halstock from Yeovil.  They would also like to explore the option of SIDS for a trial period.

Action – Clerk to ask Tony Hill to provide a detailed and costed report for consideration at the July Parish Council meeting.

Fingerpost repair remains an issue and the Parish Council note the distinction between repair and conservation.  Cllr. Clarke has been asked to focus on the conservation of the red post.  Martin Manning will be approached regarding fingerpost repairs, following the repair of the fingerpost outside the Halstock Village Hall.

Corscombe identified the need to improve communication between residents and the Parish Council and ideas of a questionnaire and more informal meetings e.g. cheese and wine will be explored.  

It was agreed that the Parish Council should have a stand at both the Corscombe and Halstock Fete to canvas opinion and meet the parishioners.

Action – Clerk to arrange. 

  1. Highways and Rights of Way updates (verbal) TS

None – see issues already covered above.

Many thanks to the Halstock Village Trust for the donation of a new gate.

  1. To consider and note planning applications and decisions.


15.1  Enfoncement update (verbal)

Cllr. James declared an interest. Appeal relating to planning application WD/D/20/001239

was refused in relation to the bridge and private way and an enforcement notice has been

served. This is now being appealed. 

  1. Sticklands school request for funding.

The Parish Council approved a £260 donation towards the school swimming pool under our Power of Competence. 

  1. Parish Council website maintenance update (Verbal)TS

The Parish Council website will need updating at some point.  Action- Clerk to obtain quotes. 

  1. Update on Corscombe noticeboards.

The Parish Council noticeboard by the Corscombe playground has been repaired and space added for a Playground notice.

It was noted that the notice board by the Halstock shop is in need of repair.

Action – Cllr. James to obtain quote.

The notice board at the end of Norwood Lane is in a very poor condition but is not owned by the Parish Council.

Action – Clerk to place a notice on board notifying of plans to remove the notice board. 

  1. To receive and note training update and agree training for new councillors (Verbal) TS

New councillors have been encouraged to attend the New Councillor Essentials DAPTC training session.

Other sessions requested were Basic Introduction to Planning and Planning Enforcement. 

Action – Clerk to book councillors on training sessions. 

  1. Correspondence to be discussed and noted. (Verbal) TS
  • Lithium Batteries -The Parish Council voted 10/10 to support the campaign to improve the safety of lithium batteries and the Safety Bill updates.
  • D-Day 80th It was agreed that the Parish Council should purchase 10 lamppost signs at a cost of £4.99 each.
  • It was noted that from 1st April 2025 Dorset Council planned to introduce double council tax on second homes. The Parish Councill will look at the implications of this in our area. 
  1. Climate and Ecology emergency action to be noted.

The Great Big Dorset Hedge survey is continuing mainly in the form of help to farmers collect data to support their grants.

The Beaminster Area eco group are holding their Big Green Day on 28th September at Beaminster secondary school.

The Beaminster Area eco groups plan to borrow a thermal camera is on hold at present. 

  1. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.


  1. Date of next Parish Council meeting will be the 29th of July 2024 at Halstock Village Hall. 


Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 579783