The Clerk will be alerted by the Planning Authority (PA) to an application, with reference number, address and summary of work proposed. If timings permit this will be raised at the next Parish Council meeting.   If not, the Clerk will email all councillors with references to the application.
Councillors will look at the plans on-line and consider their response. Councillors will e-mail responses and comments to the Clerk, with ‘reply all’ tag, so that all members can see what others think.
Note: councillors with connections (declarable financial interest) to a specific application, should declare the interest and not partake in the response process (Code of Conduct rules).

The Clerk will collate the replies
– If there are no major objections a response to the PA website will be made
– If there is evidence of major disagreement or if there is a contentious application a meeting will be called by the Chairman to debate the Council’s response.  The meeting could be a site meeting,
the applicant and/or their agent could be invited to attend with paper plans or the meeting will be a public meeting with due notice given.

The Clerk would then e-mail the Council’s response to the website, copied to members.


Letters to neighbouring properties, notices on plan site and notices in the press will continue. If individuals wish to comment on an application they must register at the link on the website – links to planning and Dorset Council.

Responses to an application should be made on planning considerations only, that is, relating to planning law and guidelines, local plans, parish plans, AONB, highway and other structural constraints, etc.
The response must be based on majority decision, though comments may be added. It should clearly state: approve or object.

The clerk (only) is delegated to send the Parish Council response to the Planning Authority. Individuals may send comments direct to the PA but not speaking as councillors.
The Clerk records responses, decisions, appeals etc in the Planning Record Book.
Most applications are decided by a Case Officer and do not go to Committee. Only if a plan is ‘called in’ is there a chance for the Parish Council and public to make further comments before a decision is made.