Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council

Minutes for the Parish Council meeting 7.30pm on

Monday 5th May 2021

Meeting by email correspondence and Zoom due to coronavirus movement restrictions.


DR, D.Child, DC, GP, HL, MP, DH, RH, ES, KSS

Reports from Dorset Council Councilor and police

MP Dorset Council – COVID case rates are lower and are continuing to fall so polling stations are safe to open for elections on the 6th, with all following current government guidance.  Grants are being made available of between £1000 to £5000 for projects that support local groups and replace the development fund.  Dorset Council is focusing on litter picking with large amounts of litter along the A31.

No Police report received.

  1. To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.

Apologies received from DE and NC. No interests were declared.

  1. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 8th March 2021 (A). Approved (9/9)
  2. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in the Agenda and note changes.

Change to Roman villa License approved on 8.3.21 – removal of clause 9 “The owners reserve the right for themselves, their family servants and visitors to enter the land for any purpose there other than grazing beasts or cropping grass” Approved (9/9)

  1. To agree the Council’s responses to the report of the internal auditor (Appendix B if available) Thisissue will be addressed at a special meeting later, date to be confirmed.
  2. To approve the 2020/21 financial statement (Appendix C if available) This issue will be addressed at a special meeting later, date to be confirmed.
  3. To approve the 2020/21 governance statement and annual return (Appendix D if available) This issue will be addressed at a special meeting later, date to be confirmed.
  4. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (E) and to approve the schedule of payments since the last meeting. (F). Noted (9/9)
  • Note notification of acknowledgement of precept being submitted and received. Noted (9/9)
  • Formally appoint Parish Clerk as Data protection officer (DPO) and amend job description to show this role. Approved (9/9) Clerk to update job description and forward for resigning.
  1. Update on outdoor gym progress (verbal)

 A £1000 grant offer was received from Dorset Council.  The winning bid for installation of the outdoor gym was Fresh Air Fitness.  Contracts have been signed, and a 50% deposited paid (£7231.80). Installation is scheduled for late June, exact date to be confirmed. Sign off at the special meeting early July, date to be confirmed.

Note, PC Safeguarding policy is required for the outdoor gym grant to be awarded – Policy to be approved via email.

  1. To note playground and maintenance update, to include quotes for playground maintenance (verbal)

ROSPA will be carrying out their yearly inspection in May.  Of note in the monthly playground inspection was the need to replace rot damage to part of the agility trail.

After investigating several companies to undertake playground maintenance, quotes ranging from about £400 to £600 were obtained and after contact with other local parish councils, it was decided to bring playground maintenance in house.  RH to approach Roger Whittingham to undertake playground maintenance work on an as and when needed basis.

  1. Highways
  • Progress on Halstock speeding fences. (H)

TH was thanked for all his hard work on this issue.  The cost of speed fencing is estimated between £4000 to £8000 depending on size etc.  Approval was given (9/9) to continue and obtain a formal quote.  A contribution towards costs will be sought from Halstock Village Trust.

  • Fox Inn outside seating – approved by highways. PC recognised need to support local business but felt they were unable to comment due to a lack of information from highways.

Noted (9/9)

  • Confirm that the new salt bin location has been approved for What three words location – “filed.depravity.enveloped” (above Crockermoor Lane).

Clerk to identify a suitable salt bin and report back to the council at the next meeting with costs.


Noted (9/9)

  • Discuss and note signage issues
  1. Sign for Fudge end of top of Court Lane “Unsuitable for HGVs” not approved by highways.


  1. Sign saying “Unsuitable for long vehicles” at the bottom and top of Pound Hill. Highway’s response – they would need accurate data of the types of vehicle using this lane. This would need to be arranged through the Parish and at the parishes expense for the Automatic traffic counters. The cost is around £250.

This will be kept under review – no decision to implement the logging of traffic flow with automated traffic counters has been made.  Further pressure will be placed on highways to reconsider this issue.

  1. To consider and note planning applications and decisions. To send Dorset Council the Parish Councils response. (I)

Planning applications noted and supported (9/9).  Clerk to report back to planning with council’s response to not object to the applications.

 Please note – Powers and duties of parish councils in relation to planning is….

Right to be notified of and power to respond to planning applications (Town and Country Planning Act 990, Sched. 1 para 8; Local Government Act 1972, Sched. 15 para 20.)

It was also noted that the PCs role is to report breaches of planning to DC and to hold DC to account regarding enforcement of their own and government policies.

  1. Training update reports

DC – New councilor induction sessions DAPTC 29.3.21

TS – Year -end accounts and Audit training DAPTC 2.3.21

TS – Data Protection Health Check for Parish & Town Councils DAPTC 9.9.21

 KSS – Planning sessions DAPTC  29th April 13th May and 22nd May – to report back at next meeting

Councilors were encouraged to make use of any training available to support them in carrying out their roles as councilors.

  1. Risk assessment feedback (verbal) TS
  • Insurance cover volunteers (see appendix J)

The PC needs to create risk assessments for key voluntary jobs e.g., finger post repairs etc.   Clerk to write risk assessment and present at the next meeting for approval.

  • Maintenance of benches bus shelter still being investigated.

It was decided that Roger Whittingham be approached to carry out this work on a as and when needed basis.

  • Indemnity cover re PH playground grass cutting.

Verbal confirmation has been received that suitable Indemnity cover is in place with Lloyds.  Clerk to ask PH to provide a copy for the records.

  1. Correspondence to be discussed and noted. TS
  • Willdoes Youth Bus Project grant request 10th The clerk asked them to complete grant form No further response from Willdoes Youth Bus.
  • Poor phone signals
  • Litter picking update – Noted
  • Common Lane use – see response from Freda Hennessy (K) – Noted and thanks go to Freda for her handling of this issue and positive outcome.
  • DAPTC virtual relating to the Summer Visitor Planning – Dorset Council 31.3.21 (summary email sent to councilors) – Noted
  • New High Sheriff of Dorset, Michael Dooley – any responses welcome on how to engage with community with emphasis to support voluntary organisations etc. – Councilors to consider suitable organisations.
  • Halstock Vale Watch (L) – Response from correspondence noted. Clerk to send a letter to planning requesting a members’ meeting to discuss the enforcement officer’s response to this case, given the major development of this site within an area of AONB and the contentious nature of these planning applications. The council once again stated it does not support the use of Retrospective Planning as a way of circumventing the planning process. That it does not support the despoiling of biodiversity and wildlife habitats in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Main wording of letter approved (9/9)
  1. Climate and ecology emergency action to be noted (Verbal)
  • MP Chris Loder asked for the PC response to the proposed formation of a Dorset National Park – Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council does not support the formation of a Dorset National Park due to concerns that such high protection for landscape and heritage is incompatible with the Dorset Council’s proposed Climate and ecological emergency plan.

After a brief discussion it was decided that the PC would not support the proposed development of a Dorset National Park. (8/9). A request was made for further information on CL views on this matter from one councilor.  HL to respond.

  • Progress on setting up tree plant project, publishing Dorset Green living initiative and to Roadshow.

Delayed until the 26th of July meeting. D Childs to report on any further progress.

  • Dorset Green Living project.

PC will cover the cost of printing pamphlets once suitable families are found to participate in the inactive.  D Childs to identify suitable families.

  1. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.
  • Replacement of notice boards in Halstock and Corscombe – decision deferred until the 26th of July meeting. DC to look at what can be done with the existing boards given the cost of replacing them.
  • DAPTC has asked for PC input concerning the move back to face to face meetings from the 7th of May. HL to respond that the poll of CHDPC members showed a majority would like to be allowed the choice of holding meetings by zoom or in person. Approved (9/9)
  • Parish Council boundary review.

It was agreed (9/9) that the current Parish Council boundaries should remain as they are.

  1. Date of next Council meeting 26th July 2021 (Face to Face Covid permitting)

Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 891068