Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council

Minutes for the Parish Council meeting 7.30pm on

Monday 8th March 2021

Meeting by email correspondence and Zoom due to coronavirus with arrangements for telephone participation

Members present: Henry Lovegrove (Chair), Katharine Singleton Smith, Liz Southern, David Hallett, Roger Hallett, Grant Prior, David Clary, Debbie Rix, Don England, Deborah Childs

Dorset Councillor Mary Penfold attending. Members of the public attending Tony Hill and Jon Pentreath.

Report from Dorset Councillor Mary Penfold:

Council staff are still working from home. There has been a very good response to the Local Plan (consultation ends March 15th) and to the Emergency Plan.  Covid vaccinations are continuing.

1.To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.

Apologies were received from John White-Hamilton and Nigel Clarke.

A declaration of interest was declared by Chairman Henry Lovegrove relating to item 16 on the agenda.

2. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 25.1.2021 (A).

Approved 10/0

 3. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in the Agenda.


4. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (B) and to approve the schedule of payments since the last meeting. (C).

Expenditure to date and bank reconciliation was approved. Schedule of payments were approved (10/0) as follows:


12/1/2021                              001210 Peter Cockrem plant hire                 £2880

2.2.2021                                001209 TS pay claim                                      £600.65


Cheques 001206 is void.

Cheques 001208. Re issued 14.1.21 approved DAPTC course fees x4. £235.00 and cheque 001201 cancelled.

5. To report on the successful tender for the contract to supply Outdoor Gym Equipment at Corscombe Playground (D) and formation of a buffer zone (verbal).

  • Outdoor gym, a verbal report was given by ES (no appendix D). The Bid Evaluation Group has made a decision regarding a successful bid and this will be announced soon. There has as yet been no decision made relating to the Dorset Council Leisure Grant.  A decision is expected by the end of the week.
  • DR presented a summary of the ideas canvased from our parishioners regarding the construction of a buffer zone in the Corscombe playground. It was agreed that a hedge would be installed adjacent to the wooded fence marking the boundary.  This would encourage wildlife.   The remaining tree stumps would be removed and the ground prepared for planting of a wildflower meadow.  Other key ideas would be incorporated into the design such as a bench. DR and HL to produce a plan and design layout in conjunction with other interest parties in Corscombe.  This will  be considered at the next meeting.

 6. To receive a report concerning progress with changing bank signatories and setting up electronic banking (verbal).

Signatories RH and KSS are now set up. GP is yet to be added.  The address change to the new parish Clerk is in hand.

Progress has been slow due to covid which has affected normal bank processing times.

Electronic banking will be set up once all other changes are in place.

7. To receive a report on updates on village and playground maintenance issues as well to report on the progress of identifying companies to undertake playground equipment maintenance. (E).

The following companies were approached in relation to taking on the maintenance of the playground equipment; Safeplay, Plascope, Komman, Sovereign and John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance.

Only Safeplay and Sovereign have responded to date.  Safeplay are not able to offer maintenance as we are outside their area.  Sovereign have sent through a quote.

Action:  The Parish Clerk will follow up the other companies approached and seek references from Sovereign.

8. To agree the wording for a formal response to the Dorset Council Local Plan from the Parish Council (F)

The wording was approved and the responsibility of responding was delegated to HL.  All councillors were also encouraged to respond in a private capacity.  The closing date is the 15th March.

 9. To consider and discuss planning applications and decisions. To send Dorset Council the Parish Councils response.


Erection of workshop building with external spray booths.  Circulated by email, consultation ends 29thof March – the PC decision on this application will be canvassed by email to allow councillors time to further evaluate this application- deadline for response to Clerk is 27th March.

WD/D/20/002908 – Application for a certificate of lawfulness to continue using the land to station a mobile home.  Ocean Hill Farm, Rye Water Lane, Corscombe, Dorchester, DT20QF

Circulated by email, consultation ends 12th of March. The PC decision on this application will be canvassed by email to allow councillors time to further evaluate this application. Deadline for response to Clerk is 11th of March.

WD/D/20/003275 –   Porters Farm Higher Halstock  Leigh Road Past Higher  Halstock Leigh Dorset. For information only no approval required as at present this is just a request for a legal determination.

WD/D/20/002919  – Meadow View Quiet Woman Public House To Portland Farm Halstock Dorset BA22 9SN

Demolish existing garage and erect new. Erect single storey side extension & erect veranda to rear elevation.  Consultation ends 8.3.21 Council approved by email 2.3.21


10. To consider responses from councillors to mitigate risk on the Parish Council Risk Assessment for items that scored above 4 and to approve the Risk Assessment. (G)

Changes approved 10/0

The Parish Clerk will check with the PC insurers the level of cover for work undertaken by volunteers e.g., litter picking, fencing etc…

The Parish Clerk will also look at the issue of inspection and maintenance of the bus shelter at Halstock, benches and other structural assets.

11. To approve the following documents (H) TS;

  •  General Data Protection Regulation Policy (approval deferred from 11.1.21, addition of data audit procedure)
  • Grant Award Procedure (approval deferred from 11.1.2, addition of a statement outlining the Council’s principles behind awarding grants)
  • Social Media policy (new)
  • Highways Notice(new)
  • Note changes to Data Protection Privacy Notice. 

The following documents were approved for publication and changes noted 10/0.

12. To receive a report on the progress of the Parish Council website (verbal).

The PC website is now operational  Agendas and Minutes will be replaced on a 12 month rolling basis and archived documents can be requested from the Parish Clerk.  Current information can be displayed on banners on the home page.  Ways to further promote the PC website will be explored.

Our thanks go to Kevin Harrington, one2one Digital Limited

for all the work undertaken to create and launch the website.

13. To receive a Highways update regarding Halstock speeding fencing signage (verbal) and salt bins (verbal), and flooding at Corner of Mill Cottage. (verbal)

  • TH reported on progress regarding the Halstock speeding fences. Covid lockdown has prevented further progress on this matter as Highways are unable to attend a sit visit to discuss the positioning of the fencing. The parish Clerk is awaiting feedback from Highways to clarify who owns the verges re seeking permission to site the speeding fences.
  • A request has been made for the PC to look at installing a salt bin in Halstock at the Crockermoor turning and replacing the one at Nightingale Farm. The Parish Clerk will look into this issue.
  • Flooding at the corner of Mill Cottage has now been addressed by Highways.
  • The drains at Lovelands have been unblocked.

The Parish Clerk to approach Dorset Highways Operations Service Team. for cost of producing a “Unsuitable for HGVs” sign at the Fudge Hill end of Court Lane.

14. To receive a report on Litter picking – Jon Pentreath initiative. (I)

JP was thanked for his work on addressing the issue of litter and the formation of the Litter Picking Group.  He is working with the Keep Dorset Litter free team at DC.  A litter pick is planned for the 26thand 27th of March.  The PC has offered support for the initiative and suggested the Shed at Corscombe Village Hall to store the collected litter prior to collection by Dorset Waste Partnership.  The PC will also help by publishing the initiative on noticeboards, websites etc and covering costs if required for equipment such as litterpickers, gloves etc. The issue of sorting the litter into recycling and waste was raised and it was thought this may be difficult to organise but would be left up to individuals to decide if they wished to separate litter as they picked.

 15. To consider Parish Council climate and ecological emergency action.

Cllr Childs suggested the following actions in order to progress the Council’s climate change declaration:

  • Tree planting along the lines of the Beaminster Area Eco group, supported by the Woodland Trust etc…
  • Dorset Green Living Project
  • Roadshow

Agreed: Deb C and HL to progress these proposals and report to next meeting.

16. To approve the signing of licences for the Roman Villa land and Primrose corner. (J)

The chair was handed over to KSS due to a conflicted of interest as declared by HL.

Licenses approved 10/0

 17. Dorset Council correspondence re parking charges noted with disappointment.

  • Use of common lane by bikers– Common Lane is a designated byway and can be legally used by all traffic. However, the PC does not condone the meeting of large numbers of bikers during covid lockdown.
  • Use of notice boards – the inability to lock the Halstock notice board was raised as an issue due to the posting of notices over PC notices. It was also noted that it was not in a good state of repair.  The poor state of the community notice board at the Bartons in Corscombe was also raised.

Action: The Parish Clerk to look at costings to replace the Halstock and Corscombe notice boards.

18. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.


19. Date of next Council meeting and Annual meeting 24 May 2021.

 20. To exclude public and press from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the next agenda item.

 21. Annual Staff Appraisal (Confidential)

The contents of the Chairman’s report were agreed.

Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 891068