Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council

 Minutes  for the Parish Council meeting 7.30pm on

Monday 27th September 2021

Councillors present: Liz Southern (ES), David Hallett (DH), Roger Hallett (RH), Grant Prior (GP), Dave Clary (DC), Nigel Clarke (NC), Debbie Rix (DR), Deborah Childs (DCh)

The meeting was held at Halstock Village Hall,  7.30pm to 9.30pm

The Council respectfully asked for face masks to be worn until seated and social distancing to be observed. The meeting was chaired by Roger Hallett as the chairman was unavailable.

It is with great regret that we have to inform you of the untimely death of Katharine Singleton-Smith. Katharine was a long serving and loyal member of the Parish Council, and a great servant of the community.  Her considered judgment and invaluable contributions on Parish issues will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.

A minutes silence was held at the start of the meeting.

Public period for comments on issues on the agenda  (9 members of the public)

Adams Green (plus see item8) –  Disappointment that highways will not agree to a meeting with parishioners to consider their concerns.  PC to see if there is anything further that can be done by looking at weight issues on the bridge (NC to look into)

 Rights of Way Group – Walking guides (see item 12), Stiles to gates  (see item 12).  Modification orders (see item 8)

Fry’s retrospective planning permission –  Enforcement is looking into this issue but concern was raised about the time it is taking for enforcement to look at the retrospective planning applications and the lack of willingness of the enforcement officer to meet with concerned residents.  Mary Penfold and the Clerk to contact Mark Hitchcock to discuss this issue further.

Highways Safety – Horses crossing Adams Green.  It was felt there was a need for signs letting road users know to take care “Caution racehorses crossing”   It was believed to be part of the original planning applications but has not been acted on by highways.  Clerk to follow up on this.

Concern was raised over the number of unofficial/temporary dwellings in Halstock and other areas within the parish.  The Clerk will create a list of such dwellings for discussion with planning.

 Reports from Dorset Council Councillor and police

Mary Penfold informed the Parish Council (PC) that planning was dealing with a large number of planning applications which has caused a back log.  Dorset Council (DC) is looking into how to alleviate this situation.

Due to a shortage of HGV drivers, there may be some temporary disruption to garden waste collection.

DC is asking for anybody who has property to rent to contact Dorset Council to help out with the Afghan relocation Scheme. Please ring the Dorset Council on 01305 251010 if you feel you can help.

It was noted that there had been no input from the Police for quite a while.  GP will speak with the  PC police contact to reinstated reports from the police.


  1. To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.

Received and accepted for Henry Lovegrove (Chairman) , John White Hamilton (JWH) and  Don England (DE)

No declarations of interest.

  1. To approve procedures being put into place for the election or co-option of a Halstock councillor to replace Katharine Singleton-Smith.

Approved. (8/8)

It was also noted that Don England has now resigned as councillor as he is moving away from the area shortly.  The Clerk to approach the monitoring office to generate Notice of Vacancies for two Halstock Councillors.

  1. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th July (A).

Note: Amendment to Public period for comments  – Adams Green

Note: Inclusion of full councillor’s names and abbreviations.

Amendments noted and minutes approved (8/8)

  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in this Agenda.

Noted – New deadline date for completion of the electronically Register of Interest (RoI) is now moved to the 30th of October.  Please see email from Clark for full details.

The talk regarding setting up a Dorset National Park has been delayed until the November meeting.

  1. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (B) and to approve the schedule of payments since the last meeting. (C).

Noted and approved (8/8)

  1. To receive an update regarding the Gym installation and approve the Leisure Development grant sign off. (Verbal) ES /TS

The PC has now received the grant award of £1000 from DC and are awaiting the DC plaque to be provided.

  1. To note and receive a maintenance update (verbal) RH/TS


New sign is in place when entering the playground area.

Fresh Air Fitness maintenance kit has now been received.

Outdoor Gym maintenance check for August and September completed by  Roger Whittingham (RW).  No issues raised.

September playground check completed by (RH)  two points noted for attention regarding swings and slid. (RW to be asked to fix these issues)  + bin needs emptying.

 8. Highways

  • Salt bin – to receive an update (verbal) TS

Salt bin has now been ordered and received and is awaiting instillation.  DC will allocate number and arrange for it to be filled.

  • Halstock speed gates – to receive an update (Verbal) TH

Verbal report from NC.  Speed gates have been ordered and paid for.  Awaiting delivery and installation.  No installation dates as yet but hopefully they will be in place by the end of November.

  • Modification orders T634, T635, T637 (Verbal) Rights of Way group

The Rights of Way Group has had a provisional looked at the modification orders from highways that look to change the designation of Common Lane and Barrow Lane from Highways to Bridleways.  More information to follow once the consultation period has officially been launched.

  • Highways update Adams Green (Verbal) TS

Response from Paull Thatcher following the most recent letter from the PC. Highways are unwilling to look at this issue any further or to have a meeting with concerned parishioners  as they feel the issue, which was raised a year ago and the resulting survey indicated that the location would not be a suitable location for a weight or width restriction.  See the original email from Roland Skeats below.

Cllr Penfold wrote to me on 10-8-2020 asking my opinion on the situation regarding the amount of traffic using the lane and what could be done to help alleviate any problems that the locals were concerned about.

After talking in length to my local Community Highways officer Paul Thatcher on the 21-8-2020, it was concluded that the problem would need further investigation. I reported this back to Cllr Penfold, she asked that the investigation be backed up with factual evidence and that I should undertake some traffic counting for the lane. This was requested straight away and was completed between the 6th – 12th October.

When considering a weight restriction, we need to take into account several different factors such as collision data, alternative routes and whether there are too many cars for the classification of the road in question.

The conclusion taken from that data was that the daily average count for vehicles was 154 vehicles per day and the 7 day average 85%ile for vehicle speed was 33.6mph. Both of these figure are well within what would be acceptable for this type of road. The number of Larger vehicles using this route was very minimal, the alternative route would be about 7-8 miles, this is about 10 times the distance of Adam green lane. Looking at the collision data, this also showed that there had been no collisions on the section of road in at least the last 5 years. 

Taking these factors in to consideration and the general lay out of the road it would not be a suitable location for a weight or width restriction.

Plus also see public comment.

 9. To consider and note planning applications and decisions. (D) TS

Note: Please  can all councillors comment  on planning applications  even if it is to abstain.

Noted (8/8)

 10.To receive a training update TS

Councillors were encouraged to attend the training sessions on RoI and Code of Conduct which are still running through October and November.  The PC has paid for all councillors to attend these online courses.

Please do look on the DAPTC site for training course, there are spaces on the three-part planning courses still available.   If you would like to complete a training course, please let the Clerk know.


  1. Risk assessment feedback re insurance cover for Volunteers (E) working group RH, TS, ES. To approve Risk Assessment procedure.

Procedure was approved (8/8)


  1. Correspondence to be discussed and noted. TS
  • Listed buildings consent (F)

It was agreed that the PC would send a letter to Dorset Council  Conservation Officer outlining our concern that when considering listed buildings, the Conservation Officer should seriously consider public benefit including environmental considerations such as global warming, fuel costs and sustainability which we as a community feel are all very important.  

  • Walking guides – to approve donations to cover costs (G)

 Differed as the Rights of Way Group are still looking at walking guide format and costings. Now unlikely to be undertaken until the next financial year.

  • Stiles to gates – to approve expenditure to cover costs(H)

The Rights of Way group are still finalising the locations of the 12 gates, but they have asked the PC to cover the cost of 6 of these gates total cost of £1,080 plus VAT.  The remaining funding is being sought from the Halstock Village Trust.

Approved (8/8)

They have also asked that we pay for the full 12 gates and the Halstock Village Trust would then reimburse us their share of the costs (£1.080).  This will allow them  to recover the VAT paid. Agreed in principle (8/8)

  • DC Parking review update (I)

Noted changes to parking fees which will come into place from January 2022.

  • Permission sought for clerk to be paid to maintain the Corscombe Village website, at no charge to the village

Approved (8/8) maximum 2 hours per month.  Bardy Griffiths will also be approached regarding the Halstock Website.

  • Katharine’s walk – permission is sought for a budget of up to £100 to install a commemorative plaque on the Common Lane map board

The Common Lane group would like to look at placing a bench on Common Lane to commemorate Katharine.  It is proposed that the bench be carved from a single log,  Dorset Logging  to be approached. Funding can come from the Common Lane Group and/or the PC. Provisionally approved (8/8)  However, costings need to be obtained.

  • Permission is sought for the transfer of funds from Common Lane Project Account, currently with HSBC to the Parish Council, to be held as a ring-fenced account.

Provisionally agreed (8/8)

  • Binding of Parish Councils minutes May 2015 to May 2020

Provisionally approval up to £250  (8/8).   However, full costing and quotes  still needs to be undertaken.

  1. Climate and ecology emergency action to be noted (Verbal)
  • Progress on setting up tree plant project, publishing Dorset Green living initiative and other initiatives. (J) DCh

The Tree planting project has had a good response.  There are still trees available so the Village websites and PC website are to be updated to show that the deadline for the tree planting project  has been extended. Window displays are also up at the Halstock Shop to promote this initiative.

The Dorset Green Living project has had a positive start with interest from a number of families. The first meeting of the Corscombe and Halstock Parish Green Living project took place on 1st September chaired by Deborah Childs, with guest speaker Gillian Perrott from the Beaminster Green Living group


  1. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.

Decision to adopt a PC logo for use on correspondence etc, as currently used on our website

Approved adoption of logo (8/8)


  1. Date of next Council meeting 29th November 2021


Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 891068