Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council

Agenda for the Parish Council meeting 7.30pm on   Monday 29th November 2021

Meeting to be held at Halstock Village Hall.  The Council respectfully asks for face masks to be worn until seated and social distancing to be observed.

Public period for comments on issues on the agenda

Reports from Dorset Council Councillor and police

Presentation from Richard Brown from the Dorset National Park team. 

  1. To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.
  2. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th September (A).
  3. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in this Agenda.
  4. To approve the co-option of Halstock Councillor Richard James (B)
  5. Appoint a third staffing group member. (C) HL
  6. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (D) and to approve the schedule of payments since the last meeting. (E).
  7. To review and authorise draft Precept submission and 2022/2023 budget (F)
  8. To note/receive a maintenance update for the playground and outdoor gym (verbal) RH/TS
  9. To ratify approval for £500 to plant hedging along the western edge of the  playground (playground maintenance)
  10. Highways and Rights of Way
    • Halstock speed gates – to receive an update Verbal) TH
    • To receive an update on Modification orders T634, T635, T637 (Verbal) Rights of Way group
    • Highways update Adams Green (Verbal) TS
    • To note Spatial planning letter (G)
    • To receive an update on replacement of stiles to gates TS/DS.
    • To note Dorset EV charge point installation feedback welcome regarding phase 2 (H) TS
    • To discuss response to Hill Farm Beaminster Bridleway W26-47 pre-application consultation
    • Review by PC public Rights of Way group.
    • To note and comment on the Rights of Way Improvement plan (J)
  1. To consider and note planning applications and decisions. (K) TS
    •  Listed buildings response from conservation officer. (L) TS
    • Unauthorised buildings (M) TS
    • DAPTC letter to Dorset Council regarding local plans, Neighbourhood plans and changes to planning notification (N) TS

12. To receive a training update TS

 13. Update on Register of interest (RoI) progress TS

  1. Correspondence to be discussed and noted. TS
    • DC Parking review update (verbal) ES
    • Non cash parking charges (O) TS
    • Katharine’s walk (verbal) DR
    • To note recite of funds from Common Lane Project Account, currently with HSBC to the Parish Council, to be held as a ring-fenced account. TS
    • TSB update address change and new signatories
    • To agree an internet banking policy and application to Triodos bank for a new account (P ) HL
    • HELO – report from Jez Hodesdone regarding the Dorset Council heritage list campaign (Q) JH
    • DAPTC AGM update TS
    • Cost of binding minutes 2015 to 2020 to be presented and approved. TS
    • To ascertain members’ interest in approaching a landowner with a view to establishing an allotment site in Corscombe. (verbal) DCh
  1. Climate and ecology emergency action to be noted (Verbal)
    • Progress on setting up tree plant project, publishing Dorset Green living initiative and other initiatives. (verbal) DCh
  1. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.
    • Holding of PC meetings in Corscombe
  1. Date of next Council meeting 31st January 2022

Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 891068